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Jan 24, 2021

We chat with Kristen Swanson about the work she is doing at Slack as the Chief of Staff for Customer Experience, and how her years of developing curriculum, helping to start Edcamp, and teaching led her to use a backwards approach in all kinds of areas.

Jan 18, 2021

In this episode of The Backwards Podcast, Erica Buddington, The Langston League CEO, shares how they create mirrors by decolonizing curriculum.

You'll learn Erica's story as well as the work she has been doing in curriculum with schools and districts around the country. 

Since 2016, Langston League has imagined and...

Jan 10, 2021

A.J. Juliani talks with Jay McTighe, co-author of Understanding By Design (with Grant Wiggins). Jay breaks down how backward design works, what this looks like in learning, and what he has learned in training thousands of people on the backward design process over the past three decades. Inside you'll also hear about...